About Tara Toohey

Dr. Tara Pundiak Toohey is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist with extensive experience in Emergency Psychiatry.  She completed her psychiatric residency at Bellevue/NYU and continued to work as an attending psychiatrist at Bellevue’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program.  She has worked in emergency psychiatry in 6 states as well as volunteering her medical services with the US Navy while living overseas in Japan where she was awarded the Red Cross Volunteer of the Year and received a Letter of Commendation from the United States Navy.  She served as faculty at both University of California, San Diego and University of Hawaii.  She continues to work in emergency psychiatry both in person and via telehealth providing services to over 15 psychiatric emergency programs as well as in private practice.  In addition to emergency psychiatry, Dr. Toohey has a specialty focus on reproductive and perinatal psychiatry.