AAEP Board of Directors

The following is the list of AAEP's current Board of Directors.

Leslie S. Zun, MD, MBA
Mount Sinai Hospital, Chicago, IL

President Elect:
Jack Rozel, MD, MSL
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Immediate Past President:
Kimberly D. Nordstrom, MD
Denver Health Medical Center, Denver CO

Board of Directors:
Michael J. Gerardi, MD, FACEP
Victor Stiebel, MD
Anthony Thrasher, MD
Tara P. Toohey, MD

Past Presidents:
Seth Powsner, MD
Scott L. Zeller, MD
Anthony T. Ng, MD
Avrim B. Fishkind, MD
Jon S. Berlin, MD
Glenn W. Currier, MD, MPH
Rachel L. Glick, MD
Dr. Joseph J. Zealberg, MD
Michael H. Allen, MD
Douglas H. Hughes, MD
Dr. Peter L. Forster, MD
Dr. Ricardo Mendoza, MD

Association Office:
AAEP Association Office
[email protected]